Major drug haul in Gujarat;NCB and the Indian Navy jointly confiscate drugs valued at Rs 2000 crores.

Indian sub-continent’s biggest drug bust has resulted in the seizure of a huge stash of drugs. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) of India with the help of Indian Navy and Gujarat ATS seized a large cache of narcotic drugs worth more than 2000 crore rupees in an operation conducted by Indian Navy Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in India’s maritime surveillance.

Narcotic drugs were seized from Pakistan through Gujarat port. Narcotic drugs worth more than 2000 crores in the global market were seized. It is the biggest drug hunt in the Indian subcontinent. They tried to smuggle 3,089 kg of cannabis, 158 kg of methamphetamine and 25 kg of morphine. Its packets say ‘Made in Pakistan’. They tried to smuggle them to India in a boat with five employees suspected to be from Pakistan.

Based on the information provided by the maritime surveillance aircraft, the Indian Navy’s ship, which was patrolling, intercepted the boat that had crossed the Indian waters. When the boat was inspected, the authorities found a large quantity of drugs and then arrested five crew members. The boat and the drugs were seized. Investigations are ongoing to gather more information about the suspected Pakistani crew members and trace the source of the drugs.

Last month, the Indian Navy gained world attention by rescuing 19 Pakistani citizens who were held hostage by pirates. The Indian Navy is conducting an unprecedented operation in the Arabian Sea. Last day, the British oil ship was saved from the attack of the Houthi Islamic terrorists. 21 people bravely rescued from the burning ship and saved the ship. The Iranian ship was rescued. Indian Navy rescued 19 Pakistani nationals from a ship hijacked by Somali pirates.

Here is the humanity of the Indian Navy, saving Pakistan after Iran. This is the strength and goodwill of the central government of India and Modi who leads it. The Jihadists and Sudapis will still not agree to this. It may be asked whether it was Modi or the Indian army that saved the Pakistani and Iranian ships. But it is Modi’s policy that is doing the trick. If Modi says a word, the army will change its policy. No operation shall be carried out without the permission of the Central Government.

Moreover, when this kind of Navy operation is conducted, its control is also in Delhi, and people in Pakistan and India are killed in explosions. Indian soldiers are sending terrorists to kill and Pakistani bombers are blowing up Indian military camps.

Indian Navy foils piracy attempt off east coast of Somalia The patrol vessel INS Sumitra had recaptured a fishing boat belonging to Pakistanis from 11 Somali pirates. When the Indian Navy’s warship arrived, all 19 Pakistanis were tied up by Somali pirates. The Indian Navy’s warship INS Sumitra then intercepted the ship on its way to the coast of Somalia. The pirates were running for their lives in the boat that came with this.

Then the Indian Navy rescued all 19 Pakistani nationals. The ship was taken back. The information was informed to the authorities in Pakistan. The Indian Navy’s warship INS Sumitra intercepted the stricken vessel and said that the pirates were chased away and the Pakistanis rescued the Pakistani foreign affairs department thanked India.