Actress Lena revealed her marriage,”Gaganyaan astronaut Prasanth Nair is my husband”

Actress Lena reveals that she is married. All the Malayalis are shocked. There is a reason for that. The Malayali presence in the Gaganyaan astronauts, the groom is Prashant Balakrishnan, who is also the head of the team. Lena said that the marriage between her and Prashant Balakrishnan took place on January 17, 2024 and she waited to release this information after the Prime Minister announced the astronauts.

Prashant Balakrishnan, Air Force Group Captain and a Malayali in the Gaganyaan astronaut team announced by the Prime Minister, has made the state proud. Meanwhile, Lena also released this big surprise

The actor has also shared wedding pictures through social media. Lena’s post on Instagram sharing wedding pictures,
Today, on 27th February 2024, our Prime Minister, Modi Ji presented the first Indian astronaut wings to Indian Air Force fighter pilot, Group Captain Prashant Balakrishnan Nair. This is a historic moment of pride for our country, our Kerala and for me personally. I have been waiting for this announcement to inform you that I have married Prashant on 17th January 2024 in a traditional ceremony through an arranged marriage, in order to maintain the officially required confidentiality.