LG to launch rollable display smartphone

LG under its new Explorer project, the company is now in the news for an upcoming phone with a rollable display. LG is all set to launch the Rollable Display Mobile in March next year. The Futurist smartphone, which is being developed as the first ‘Project B’ device, will feature a rollable display. The patent is called “Roll-slide mobile terminal” and was filed by the Korean company in August 2019. It was published in September this year and has since been included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database. The phone will have a retractable frame and an OLED display that slides out from both the left and right sides. Once pulled out, the display area is doubled. Moreover, users can also decide to roll out the screen from one side rather than both sides. The increased size, as the display is pulled from both sides, it will stretch vertically. It can also works as a tablet. When you want to use the phone normally, this rollable screen retracts back into its housing to form a regular rectangular-shaped phone. The entire frame of the phone extends out when the rollable display is pulled out. To achieve this, LG has reportedly used a second frame that pops out of the main body. The innovative handset from LG is expected to be based on various moves by the South Korean company to redesign the form factor of a smartphone under Project Explorer. The company also modified the patent to include the word “slide-movable” in the handset. However, LG has not announced an official date for this. Earlier it was reported that the new handset from LG will be launched in the second half of next year, in June.