Malayali girl attacked by unknown person in London

Malayali girl attacked by unknown person in London. An unknown person shot at Lisa Maria, a native of Gothuruth, Kochi. Lisa Maria is the daughter of Vinaya and Ajeesh, who live in Ernakulam Gothuruth Anathazhat. She was shot last night while eating with his father and mother in a hotel in Hackney, London.

The child’s condition remains critical. Lisa Maria and her family have lived in Birmingham for many years. The shooting was carried out by a man on a bike near restaurant on Dalton Kingsland High Street in north east London.

The police immediately reached the spot and conducted a search, but the accused could not be caught. Police officers, including firearms experts, and the London Ambulance Service inspected the scene, the Metropolitan Police said. All four people who were shot have been taken to an east London hospital.

An investigation is ongoing following a shooting in Kingsland High Street, Dalston. Police informed that the condition of the girl is still critical. No further information was available on the condition of the other victims.