Mansoor Ali Khan Falls Unwell While Election Campaigning

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan, who is contesting as an independent candidate,unwell during the election campaign. Mansoor Ali Khan is contesting from Vellore. While campaigning in the inner villages of Vellore, he felt chest pain and fells down.

Mansoor Ali Khan is currently undergoing treatment in the emergency department of a hospital in KK Nagar, Chennai. Mansoor Ali Khan’s campaign was different from cutting meat and selling vegetables. It is reported that Mansoor Ali Khan fell down due to chest pain while campaigning in inner villages.

Recently, the actor started a new party called Democratic Tigers of India. Mansoor, who contested the last assembly election unsuccessfully, made a move to contest with Anna DMK this time but was unsuccessful.

After that, he entered the competition as an independent. Mansoor Ali Khan is contesting from Vellore Lok Sabha constituency. The Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu will be held on April 19