Meera Jasmin’s father Joseph Philip passed away

Actress Meera Jasmine’s father Joseph Philip (83) passed away. He was being treated for age-related diseases. Wife Eliamma Joseph. other children; GB Sarah Joseph, Jennie Sarah Joseph, George, Joy.

After a long gap, Meera Jasmine has returned to the cinema. But Meera has never talked about her family or parents anywhere, either during her acting career, during her acting career, or after her comeback. Meera Jasmine was of the opinion that she did not want to know anything more about her personal life outside the movies.
Meera Jasmine entered the film industry in 2001 with the film ‘Sutradharan’ directed by Lohitadas. Meera Jasmine played the role of Shivani in this film.

Meera Jasmine was given the name by Lohit Das, the director of the first film. Meera Jasmine has also won the National Award for Best Actress.

After six years, Meera made a comeback with the film Malakalku. After that, the film Queen Elizabeth was also notable. The actor, who was active in all the promotional events of the movie, did not give any chance to any question about his personal life. Meera is currently busy shooting for the film The Test.

Meera’s sister Jeni Sara Joseph acted in the movie School Bus. His brother George also worked as an assistant cinematographer.