Somali pirates brought to Mumbai, trial proceedings soon

New Delhi: 9 Somali pirates were brought to Mumbai by the Navy and handed over to the local police. Indian Navy ships INS Trishul and INS Sumedha nabbed the pirates in a joint operation on March 29. INS Trishul reached the Mumbai coast on April 3. The navy said that the trial will be conducted under the Indian Maritime Anti-Piracy Act of 2022.

36 fishermen, including 23 Pakistani nationals, were freed that day through an operation in the Arabian Sea. The ship ‘Al Kambar’ ran aground in the Arabian Sea, 850 nautical miles from Kochi. There were nine armed men in the robbery gang. Immediately after receiving information about this, the navy ships INS Sumedha and INS Trishul, which were deployed in the Arabian Sea for maritime security, immediately engaged in rescue operations.

The pirates would have been taken into custody to avoid bloodshed. On March 23, 35 Somali pirates were brought to Mumbai in a similar manner.