Melbourne’s snap lockdown spark protest in Australia

Hours after a five-day snap lockdown was announced for the state of Victoria, protesters took to the streets of Melbourne. Rally organisers said they want to preserve “individual and economic freedoms”, and so oppose the restrictions. The measures were triggered by a Delta outbreak, which has spread from Sydney.

Victoria Police is investigating after several protesters flocked to Melbourne’s CBD ahead of the state’s latest lockdown coming into effect. Officers were called to Flinders Street Station in the city just after 7pm after reports a large group were marching towards parliament. The group held up signs which read “Sack Dan Andrews”, “A real pandemic needs no advertisement” and “Get off your knees Victoria, this is not a drill, be warned – the weapon is the injection”. Police say a flare was set off, however no arrests have been made. The demonstration took place just hours before Victoria entered its fifth lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic began. A lot of Victorians have expressed their frustration at being thrust back into lockdown, less than a month after the last one finished.

While there are concerns the NSW lockdown will extend well past the current July 30 end date, Victoria is hoping their latest lockdown will lift on Tuesday July 20.