“Nakul recognized me and grasped my hand firmly”; Ahaana

Ahaana Krishna visited actor and dancer Nakul Thambi who was seriously injured in a car accident and is undergoing treatment. Ahaana says Nakul’s health condition has changed significantly. In the new video vlog, the actress shares the details of her visit to Nakul. After the accident, Nakul has been bedridden for four years.

‘The other day we went to see Nakul. I believe everyone knows Nakul. He is an actor and also a popular dancer . He was an contestant in the D4 dance program in mazhavil manorama. He has acted in the movie Pathinettam Padi. That’s how I know him. Nakul is like Hansika to me. He is five years younger than me. A very poor child. He had a car accident in 2020. It was a very bad accident.

A lot of people have been messaging me asking for Nakul’s updates. He would ask about his health condition and how he was doing. Since I went to meet Nakul and know his current affairs, I thought I would share it. Four years after the accident, there has been recovery but little has changed. Even a small change in this situation is a big gain. Looking ahead to 2020, he has seen a lot of changes today.

He can move his arms and legs more than before. He slightly recognized me and Riya. He held his hand tight while holding his hand. He is trying to convey things through it. That is all he does to communicate. All his organs are working perfectly. But he still has a long way to go. We are happy that he is healthy.