Pakistan bans Tik Tok application in country!

Pakistan bans video-sharing app Tik Tok. Pakistan has banned Tik Tok after India and the United States. Pakistan has explained that Tik Tok, which owns Bite Dance, has not been able to completely eliminate the illegal content.

Tik ​​Tok, a leading social media app, has been banned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. There have been widespread complaints about videos coming from the Tic Tac Toe app. A lot of immoral and indecent content was noticed. The company could not handle these effectively. The necessary instructions were given and the necessary changes were explained. Despite being given time to make changes to the contents, no positive action was taken. It is in this context that action was taken against Tik Tok, officials said.

Re-examine the ban only if action is taken in the case of illegal content. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (TRA) said in a statement that it would take a positive stance only if there was satisfactory action.