Parabrahma Ayurveda Research Centre continuing victory in UAE

Parabrahma ayurveda research centre’s product, Diabetic Herb, has done yet another miracle. An UAE engineer and also, a close ally of Dubai royal family,  Zakir Akthar who has been residing in UAE for 20 years,  is a diabetic patient and has been taking diabetic cure food supplements for around 3 months. He has stopped taking insulin and pills, yet the lab test results of Zakir shows that he is not a diabetic patient now.

Lab report of Zakir Akhtar

Zakir is an Indian from Andhra Pradesh and living in UAE for almost 25 years. Dr. Ajaz Yasmin Aiyal from the UAE has examined Zakir Akhtar and certified him as a non-diabetic according to the lab results. His blood sugar is now 6 units. Normal blood sugar ranges from 4.5 to 6.3 units per unit in the UAE. Zakir also states that he is planning to stop using the diabetic natural herb after consuming for 3 more months, after that to give up Parabrahma Diabetes Powder also. Parabrahma is delivering their product on money back guarantee.  Parabrahma will provide cash back if the diabetes has not got cured completely and permanently after using diabetic cure for 6 months. Many allopathy doctors are also using this product to treat their own diabetes.

While using this formula, some diet restrictions need to be followed. For six months, the diabetic patient has to completely give up using sugar or sugar related foods and also alcohol. Not any other food restrictions need to be taken. If this was not followed, the treatment has to be started again. Another criticism is regarding the cost of this product. Ayurveda centre is warning that in future,  the cost of this product will only increase as the cost of the raw materials, and herbal products to manufacture this formula is very costly and also availability is very difficult. Parabrahma has got its hospitals in Thrissur and Alappuzha in Kerala. The centre has got research centres and manufacturing units in Goa and Karnataka as well. In Kerala, the products will be delivered directly from the Alapuzha centre directly or through online. The products are  available through Parabrahmas website also.