Parabrahma’s ‘Diabetic cure’- a miracle medicine, described by Dr Muhammed Ahmed Bin Fahad

Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre joining hands with the Arab nations

Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre, the pride of Indian Ayurveda, is joining hands with the Arab nations. Agreements were signed with the representatives and business delegates from the UAE Government and Parabrahma management in Kochi, Kerala regarding the production and delivery of the products manufactured by the Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre. The meeting was headed by Muhammed Ahmed Bin Fahad, a businessman, higher official and also a royal family member of UAE.

‘Diabetic Cure’ , the medicine formulated by the Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre which can cure diabetes, was launched by Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre on December 15 last year. Currently the production is limited to only 10,000 bottles a month. Now the centre is planning to increase the productivity to lakhs, as the UAE delegation has pledged all possible assistance to improve the production. The decision was also taken to start Parabrahma Ayurvedic hospitals in every country in the Middle East and also to start manufacturing the medicines in UAE. The official inauguration of the delivery of Parabrahma products in UAE and starting of Ayurveda hospitals in the Middle East will be conducted in Dubai in the month of February.

No medicine is there around the world which can completely cure the disease diabetes. The commonly used insulin and all other medicines can only stabilise the sugar level. However, Parabrahma ayurvedic research centre claims that the medicine developed by the centre, Diabetic Cure,  can cure diabetes completely and the course of the medication is for 6 months. The medicine diabetic cure is described as ‘miracle medicine’ by Dr Muhammed Ahamed Bin Fahad. He also informed that those suffering from diabetes for the past 16 years from the UAE Royal family got cured by using the medicine, Diabetes cure. The centre is offering a cash back guarantee if the disease is not cured. The Ayurveda centre has hospitals in Alappuzha and Thrissur in Kerala and also in Karnataka and Goa.