Parking dispute turns violent: Car driven over young man’s body

Kattapana: Attempt to kill a young man by car. Christo Mathew (27), a resident of Kattappana, was seriously injured. Nine ribs were broken. The lungs are also damaged. The incident started with a dispute over parking.

The incident took place at Edassery Junction on Sunday at 11 pm. There was an argument with Christo Mathew and a group of youths at Edassery Junction. Later, Christo went to Central Junction by bike. The gang followed in the car and knocked down Christo. The car was carrying the body of the young man who fell on the road.

The locals and the young man who was with him on the bike took Christo to a nearby hospital. As the injury was serious, he was later shifted to a private hospital in Kochi for specialist treatment. The Kattapana police have registered a case of attempted murder against Justin, a native of Labbakada. He is in hiding.