Nestle’s baby foods add high levels of sugar and honey, ingredients that make children sick

New Delhi: An investigation report has found that the products sold by the leading baby food manufacturer Nestlé in India, including Cerlac, contain high amounts of sugar. At the same time, Nestlé sells such food products without sugar in countries like the UK, Germany and Switzerland, according to Public Eye’s investigation report. Public Eye is a Swiss investigative agency.

The study found that products sold in low- and middle-income countries such as India contain high amounts of sugar, contrary to international guidelines. According to the report, Cerelac and Nido are the most sold baby foods in these countries.

In 2022, products worth 250 million dollars were sold in India. The Switzerland-based organization ‘Public Eye’ conducted a study in this regard and released the report. Nestlé’s baby foods are collected from different countries and tested in a lab in Belgium.

The report says that Cerilac and Nido sold in India contain more than three percent sugar. Thailand – 6 grams, Ethiopia – 5 grams, South Africa – 4 grams, Brazil – 3 grams, Indonesia – 2 grams, Mexico – 1.7 grams, Nigeria and Senegal – 1 gram. But the report also states that sugar was not added to the products sold in major European markets including Britain.

But products aimed at older children were found to contain very little sugar. According to WHO guidelines, sugar or other sweetening ingredients should not be added to food for children under three years of age.

After the release of the report, the company has come out with an explanation. A Nestlé India spokesperson said in a statement that sugar has been reduced by 30% in five years. The spokesperson said that the products are regularly monitored and there is no compromise in quality, taste or safety.