Prathana Indrajith criticized for singing Perione song

Prathana Indrajith shared a viral video on Instagram, wishing everyone around the world a very happy Eid. The prayer was shared by the song Perione in the Goat Life . Sania Iyyappan, Vinay Fort, Sivada and many others came with comments on the prayer song. Jithin Raj who sang this song for Adujiveetam expressed his love. Prathana responded to Jitin Raj’s comment saying, ‘Thank you for presenting this beautiful song’.

At the same time, some criticized the singing of the prayer. The comments are ‘she ruined that song by singing it’. But some others came forward to answer the critics. ‘People who don’t know how to sing even two lines of prarthana song come and judge in the comments’, ‘The song is good. Some of the judges did not catch it in the comment box’, their response is.

Prathana Indrajith is very active in social media with singing and dancing. The prayer was noticed through the song ‘Laletta…’ in the movie ‘Mohanlal’ released in 2018. Later he also sang songs for Kuttanpillai’s films Shivaratri, Helen and O Baby. Prathana’s music video, With/Out You, featuring singer Varun John was also very impressive.