Suresh Gopi is fit to become Thrissur MP; Corporation Mayor

MK Varghese said that Suresh Gopi paid the promised money to the corporation correctly and Suresh Gopi is smart.
The mayor said that he has the right to think independently and will do anything for the development of Thrissur and accept such people. MK Varghese responded that Suresh Gopi has given money for the development of Thrissur and he is impressed by Suresh Gopi. Mayor said that Suresh Gopi is a worthy person. The response was when Suresh Gopi came to Thrissur Corporation to seek votes. Suresh Gopi said that despite losing last time, he was still here and development is his goal. MK Varghese is a dissident Congress councilor who continues as mayor with the support of the Left.

Suresh Gopi is getting great popularity from different parts of Thrissur constituency. A strong election campaign is going on in the constituency. During the campaign, Suresh Gopi said that development is the right of the people and he can bring it. I am in Thrissur. What has been done is visible here. He said that voting is the right of a citizen.