Ramesh Chennithala says no complete lockdown in the state; The Leader of the Opposition put forward nine demands!

Ramesh Chennithala
Vigilance probe against Ramesh Chennithala in connection with the Kerala Bar Bribery Scam

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala demanded at an all-party meeting that a complete lockdown be declared in Kerala. There is nothing wrong with triple locking down only where needed. But the people there need to be provided with essentials and food. There is a warning that a complete lockdown will be declared again in the state citing the extent of the disease. However, Chennithala said that experts, including the IMA, were of the opinion that a complete lockdown was not necessary considering the economic and living conditions of the people.Chief Minister is trying to whitewash the backdoor appointments by pointing out the PSC appointment Ramesh Chennithala

Kovid confirmed the triple lockdown announced on July 5 in the city of Thiruvananthapuram on July 5. Twenty days after the triple lockdown, the number of patients jumped to 222. 815 per cent increase. In short, the disease can not be controlled with a complete lockdown. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during emergencies. It is better to isolate these areas more and bring in restrictions with concessions in other places.

Before implementing a lockdown in any area, make sure that food, medicine, milk, fruits, and vegetables are available for purchase. Opposition parties have demanded that a special package be prepared for the coastal people, including fishermen who have lost their jobs. Financial assistance should also be provided to them.

Other proposals put forward by the Leader of the Opposition were as follows:

1. The most worrying thing is that the rate of spread of the disease is increasing day by day. Even more worrying is the spread of the disease among health workers. As of yesterday, 47 health workers had been diagnosed with the disease, according to the IMA. Therefore, we must ensure the safety of health workers. Or the spread of the disease cannot be controlled. Provide the necessary PPE kits, N95 masks, and Face Shields. Infection Control Protocol must be strictly enforced

2. From the outset, there have been complaints that fluid testing in Kerala is not in line with the standards set by the IMA. The daily inspection here is close to twenty thousand. The one-day secretion test has touched five in the last seven days. This type of testing will increase the number of asymptomatic patients. Of the 55 Kovid deaths reported up to yesterday, only Kovid was identified as the cause of death for 50 of them. This is extremely serious. Experts point out that the death toll will rise as the rate of social expansion increases. Therefore, the number of tests needs to be increased.

In places like Dharavi, house-to-house testing was carried out when the spread of the disease was acute. This can be done in places where community outreach is confirmed, such as Poonthura and Pulluvila. Trace, Test, Isolate & Treat should be our motto.

3. Complaints have already been lodged about the reporting system of the result. There is a situation where the result is delayed for days after the test. This should be shortened to 24 hours. As mentioned in the earlier letter to the Chief Minister, the Dedicated Portal can be started. It is also a way for health workers to log in at any time and find out their status.

It takes 4.5 days to get the result from the Institute of Virology. There is no staff there. No facilities. The old medical college in Alappuzha has facilities for testing.

4. It is also a time to ensure the participation of the private sector. Non-Kovid patients should be considered along with Kovid patients. Therefore, in hospitals with special blocks, Kovid and non-Kovid blocks should be marked separately and the government should issue an order including the hospital’s treatment rates and pre-determined treatment criteria.

5. Priority should be given to maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, and other safety standards.

6. As the disease worsens, there is a possibility of a shortage of health workers. Therefore, a reserve must be reserved. Incentive and insurance coverage for health workers should also be ensured. Medical and paramedical students and volunteers also need to be trained and equipped.

7. The government has announced that 742 first-level treatment centers will be opened by July 23. It was said that 69,215 beds would be set up in these places. It was later reported to be a first-level center in a panchayat. However, nowhere are these centers fully operational. All of these must be fully set.

8. Those who saw the symptoms of Harippad were told yesterday afternoon that an ambulance has not yet arrived from Alappuzha Medical College. Be careful.

9. Harvest will start in Kuttanad in August. Steps should be taken to book the required harvesting machine from Tamil Nadu now. Workers have to come from Tamil Nadu to work on the cardamom plantation in Idukki. They should be allowed to come to the quarantine facility following the health protocol.