RJ Mathukutty welcomes their First Child

Audience favorite RJ Mathukutty is happy to welcome the first Kanmani. Mathukutty shared the happy news through social media. Loved ones wish both of them an outpouring of good wishes.

The main point of the birthday greeting was that Mathukutty and Elizabeth are from the same country living very close by. Elizabeth’s words that during the days of looking for marriage, ‘I used to take the list of voters of the 23rd ward of Vengola Panchayat and the list of parishioners who had celebrated the feast of Shalem Church.’

Arun Mathew, a native of Perumbavoor, is popularly known as Mathukutty. In 2012, Mathukutty entered the cinema by playing a role in the film Ustad Hotel. He then acted in more than 10 films, including Ithihasam, Kamuki and Hridiyam.

He also wrote the dialogue for the film You Too Brutus and directed the film Kunjeldo by writing the story, screenplay and dialogue. Mathukutty has also worked as a dubbing artist in some films including Koothara and Maduranaranga. Apart from movies, Mathukutty has also acted in five short films like Kozhibiryani, Kuliseen, etc. He has also worked as an anchor for many hit television shows.