Sabarimala | Sabarimala trail to open on Sunday for Chingamasa Puja; This time too the devotees have no access

The Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Kshetranada will be opened on Sunday (16.08.20) at 5 pm for Chingamasa Pujas. AK Sudheer Namboothiri, the mayor of the temple, will light the lamps at the temple shrine. The sidewalks of the Upadevata temples are also open and lighted. Then Vibhuti Prasadam will be distributed by the temple priest Kantharar Rajeevarar.

Then Melshanthi will pour fire into the abyss in front of the 18th step. There will be no special poojas on the opening day of the walk. The procession will end at 7.30 pm singing Harivarasana.

The walk in the shrine will open at 5 am on August 17, the day of the lion. Then there will be the vision of purity and the anointing. Then Mahaganapati Homa. Usha Pooja at 7.30 pm. There will be no special poojas from August 17 to 21. On the night of the 21st, the Chingamasa poojas will come to an end with the closing of the procession singing Harivarasana.

Devotees are not allowed to visit Sabarimala this month as well due to corona restrictions. During Onam, the walk is open for poojas for five days. The festival will be held from September 29 to September 2. The walk will close at night on September 2nd.