Setback for Pakistan

Imran Khan

Pakistan will remain in the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Turkey was Pakistan’s lone supporter at the Financial Action Task Force plenary which held last week. Turkey had tried to help Pakistan in this situation. At the the plenary meeting of the FATF, Turkey sought to help the country by taking a pro-delegation to Islamabad to asses Pakistan’s implementation of the FATF’s 27 action plans. It was seen more as an effort to plug holes in the legal framework to curb terror funding. The suggestion was aimed at letting Pakistan off and placing it on the white list. Neither China nor Malaysia, which has been providing huge financial and economic assistance to Pakistan, has supported Pakistan. This lack of diplomatic support for economically distressed Pakistan opens the door to further misery. Not only did Pakistan fail to escape the grey list, Pakistan is on the verge of blacklisting the country’s financial crisis. The decision by FATF which monitors global money laundering efforts and terrorist’s funding and imposes strict restrictions on such countries, is a blow to Pakistan. The decision will also hurt Pakistan’s economic activities including exports and imports. The new restrictions will have a major impact on the Pakistan economy, which is now collapsing under the Covid situation. .The decision has been taken after a thorough review of Pakistan’s performance in fulfilling the global commitments and standards on the fight against money laundering and terror financing.

Pakistan failed to fulfil six of the 27 mandates so far as a result of which the country continues to be in the grey list of the FATF. The FATF had given Pakistan only until February next year to complete its 27-point action plan. It is noteworthy that Turkey was the only country to come to Pakistan’s aid during the FN plenary meeting. While Saudi Arabia and China also spoke for Pakistan to be removed from the grey list on technical grounds only Turkey was left to support Islamabad. This clearly shows the newfound radical Islamic nexus between the two countries. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is working with Turkey and Malaysia to forge alliances with China. Imran Khan’s transition from democracy to religious fundamentalism is intended to help radical Islamist extremism move forward. Through this alliance, Pakistan is pursuing another goal. If it is achieved, then the goal of these four countries is to become a dominant power among the nations of the world. The hard push to back Pakistan is a clear attempt that Turkey is making to emerge as the new radical Islamic axis and upstage Saudi Arabia. One of the ways they found to do so is terrorism. Indian Intelligence agencies have made it clear that Turkey is behind the creation of terrorist cells in many countries including India. This points to the conspiracies of these countries.