Exalogic has accounts abroad, says Shaun George, Files petition in High Court

Another complaint against Exalogic, the company of Chief Minister’s daughter Veena Vijayan. Shaun George has an account abroad. He filed a petition in the High Court demanding that crores of rupees had gone into this account and that an investigation should be done.

It is alleged that the shareholders of Exalogic have accounts abroad and companies including SNC Lavlin and PwC have paid the money. The petition also states that the account is operating in Abu Dhabi.

Tomorrow, the High Court will consider the pleas of Shaun George and CMRL seeking a stay on the SFIO investigation into the transaction between Exalogic and criminal company CMRL.

Shawn George has submitted more documents related to the complaint to the court the other day. Shaun George informed that more information will be released in a press conference to be held today at 11.30 in Ernakulam.

The vigilance court rejected Mathew Kuzhalnad’s plea to file a case against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his daughter Veena within a month. Thiruvananthapuram Vigilance Court rejected the petition to conduct an investigation against seven persons.

Allegations were raised in the petition, including that by diverting help to a private company called CMRL for mineral sand mining and land acquisition, monthly payments were made to the account of the Chief Minister’s daughter. It was also pointed out that the money was received from CMRL without providing any services.