The number of patients in the state has crossed ten thousand; More patients in Kozhikode

In Kerala today (7-10-20) 10,606 people have been confirmed by COVID, the Health Minister told the media. This is the highest daily increase ever. 9542 people were infected through contact. The source of the disease in 741 people is not clear. Today, 98 health workers have been diagnosed with the disease. Today, 25 people have died of COVID in the state. Today, 6161 people have been cured. Outbreaks were reported in Kozhikode 1576, Malappuram 1350, Ernakulam 1201, Thiruvananthapuram 1182, Thrissur 948, Kollam 852, Alappuzha 672, Palakkad 650, Kannur 602, Kottayam 490, Kasaragod 432, Pathanamthitta 393, Wayanad 138 and Idukki 120.

During the last 24 hours, 73,816 samples were tested. So far, a total of 33,40,242 samples have been sent for testing, including routine samples, Airport Surveillance, Pooled Sentinel, CBNAT, Trunat, CLIA and Antigen Assay. Today, there are 14 new hotspots. Pathanamthitta District Cherukole (1), Pathanamthitta Municipality (22, 23), Kulanada (Sub Ward 10), Alappuzha District Edathwa (Sub Ward 9), Kodamthurath (5), Thrissur District Erumappetti (13), Venkidang (7, 15) Ottoor (1), Venganur (16) in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kuruvilangad (1) in Kottayam district, Koothattukulam (sub ward 14) in Ernakulam district, Karimbuzha (13) in Palakkad district, Kumbadaje (4) in Kasaragod district and Kurumathur (9) in Kannur district are the new ones.