The survey results show that it is a bad opinion about China in all countries of the world

Survey about China

Since the outbreak of COVID disease around the world, the world has not had a good opinion of China. That image was further tarnished by their disputes with the United States and India. Now, according to a survey conducted in the United States, people in various developed countries have a very negative opinion of China.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the United States between June 10 and August 3, 14,276 people in various countries voted against China. The survey was conducted over the phone. Most people in Australia, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Spain, and Canada have spoken out against China.

The survey comes in the wake of the COVID epidemic and the November 3 US presidential election. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said China’s response to the epidemic was “very bad.” Only 37 percent voted in favor of China. Eighty-four percent of those in the United States said no.

According to the survey, China’s handling of the Kovid epidemic has changed the perception of people in various countries about China. About 78 percent of people in 14 countries do not have a good opinion of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Even the minority who say that China has effectively dealt with COVID disease do not have a good opinion of Xi Jinping. But the survey also found that most countries trust Shi more than Trump. In Germany, 78 percent do not believe in Shi. Here, 89 percent do not trust Trump.

Most people surveyed have no doubt that China is a financially secure country. Only the people of the United States, Japan, and South Korea agree that the United States is the best economic power in the world.