Swapna’s relationship with Sivashankar, WhatsApp messages about Swapna’s bank locker

Fake degree certificate of Swapna; Police sent a letter to the university

Former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister M Sivasankar has played a role in everything that has happened so far. Enforcement has filed a preliminary charge sheet against Shivshankar with critical remarks. The indictment alleges that Shivshankar was also involved in Swapna’s financial dealings and that WhatsApp messages about Swapna’s bank locker were suspicious.Once Swapna lying on the silk mattress and now laid it on the iron bed!

The charge sheet details the relationship between Sivashankar and his dream. Shivashankar has helped Sapna financially in times of financial problems. The money thus given has not been repaid by the dream. When applying for a job at Space Park, the reference was made by M.A. It is also said to be the name of Lord Shiva.

Shivashankar’s chartered accountant Venugopal Iyer had said that he had facilitated the opening of the locker for Swapna on Sivashankar’s instructions. The charge sheet states that the WhatsApp messages between Sivashankar and Venugopal Iyer regarding the transaction are not yet clear. Some numbers indicate a message about the money transfer. It also mentions a person named ‘Sarah’. You should call me when you are alone in the room, this chat says I have some things to say. But the exact answer to this has not been received from Sivakumar.

Shivashankar with Swapna
Shivashankar with Swapna

These messages are thought to be about money transfers. Digital evidence will be evaluated and examined. The charge sheet also states that Sivashankar should be questioned in detail after that. The ED has filed a preliminary charge sheet against Swapna Suresh, Sarith, and Sandeep.