Thiruvananthapuram Vanchiyoor sub-treasury scam worth Rs 2 crore; Suspension of the officer

A treasury official has been suspended for embezzling Rs 2 crore from the district collector’s account. Bijilal, a senior accountant in the Vanchiyoor sub-treasury, has been suspended.

Bijlal had been extorting money using the username and password of a retired officer a few months back. He transferred the amount to his own account and to his wife’s account.

The sub-treasury officer was on leave for two months before retiring. It was during this time that Bijlal embezzled Rs 2 crore. The officer retired on May 31.

The action was taken after the officials of the directorate investigated the fraud. The Thiruvananthapuram district treasury officer lodged a complaint against him with the city police commissioner.