Hong Kong follows Singapore to ban cancer-causing ingredients in Indian curry powders

Curry powders from India again banned internationally. It has been found that curry powders are added with pesticides to keep them free from mold and pests for years. The ban came after the carcinogenic pesticide ethylene oxide was found in several curry powders. Ethylene oxide poses serious health risks, including a higher risk of breast cancer. Karma News itself has previously released several videos documenting the deadly toxins in curry powders. Other media, home TV channels and print newspapers, which buy hundreds of crores of advertising money, will not say anything about it.

As they all enter our homes like agents of poisonous powders, here is another warning from the international level. India’s most popular brand curry powder brands banned in Singapore and Hong Kong Popular Indian spice brand MDH Pvt Ltd has been named among the brands now banned. Everest curry powders were also banned.

Earlier, Kerala curry powders were seized and banned in countries including the United States. Kerala brand curry powders were dug up and covered by the officials in America. Last week, Singapore banned Indian curry powders due to the presence of ethylene oxide in levels beyond permissible limits. It was said that we have an obligation to protect the health of the people of the country and the medical expenses of the country will increase the Indian curry powder brands.

Hong Kong has now followed Singapore and implemented the ban. The Food Safety Center of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government said that the presence of ethylene oxide was detected in three spice mixes namely Madras Curry Powder, Sambhar Masala Powder and Curry Powder during regular monitoring programs.

Many times in Kerala curry powders have been found to be adulterant and pesticide. But the government is standing with the poison powder makers by paying the fine and asking them to change the serial product. Similarly, if poison is found even in bottled water and juice, those companies are not banned in Kerala. Restaurants found to have food poisoning will pay fines and reopen. Kerala is making it a way to increase revenue by paying fines if pesticides and poisons are found in food.

Kerala has the highest number of diabetes patients, kidney patients, liver and heart disease in India. Dementia is spreading and people are dying before they can live. Death peaks between the ages of 45 and 55. Kerala is in an unprecedented health crisis. Cancer is spreading like cold fever in Kerala. All this happened in a short period of time. What is the reason for this has not been studied at all. Poison and insecticide in one part food and curry powder. People die from food poisoning. On the other hand, the hospital industry is booming. Medicines, hospitals and companies all add up to the tax pile

This is what is happening around us. People should now decide to avoid adulteration in curry powder. The mills near our house and others who produce and sell curry powder locally should be encouraged. People should understand how a curry powder stays intact for years. Curry powders of branded companies have a shelf life of years.

Now Indian curry powders are facing international backlash but this warning should be seen. The above-mentioned samples were collected from three retail outlets of spices, fish masala, sambar, etc. from India in Hong Kong. The test results revealed that the sample contained the pesticide ethylene oxide. CFS has informed the concerned vendors about the irregularities and has instructed them to stop sales and remove the affected products from the shelves.

The Everest Group’s fish curry masala was found to contain pesticides. Ethylene oxide, classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, poses serious health risks, including an increased risk of breast cancer. However, Hong Kong and Singapore have taken action to protect public health. Their decision is to destroy all of Everest’s products in a parallel move in Singapore citing the presence of pesticides above safe levels. This is not the first time the Indian spice brand has faced action overseas. In 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration banned and destroyed Indian curry powders after Everest food products tested positive.