Tigers Samrudhi and Siddharth become parents to 5 cubs at Aurangabad zoo

Tiger pair ‘Samrudhi and Siddharth’ at the Siddharth Garden and Zoo of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) gave birth to five cubs early on Friday morning. According to the press release from the director of AMC Zoo, it is confirmed that the yellow tiger pair gave birth to five cubs between 0500 to 0600 hours on Friday.

Tigress ”Samruddhi” and the five cubs, her third litter so far, are doing fine and have been kept under observation for the next 36 hours, an Aurangabad Municipal Corporation official told. Samrudhi is presently feeding milk to the newborn cubs and their condition is stable. To protect them from the present cold wave, authorities have provided a heater. To watch movement, CCTV camera has been installed and a caretaker has been kept round the clock for taking care of the cubs. Samruddhi was born in Siddharth Zoo. The pair had given birth to three cubs including one male and two female on November 16, 2016 and again four cubs including one male and three female on April 26, 2019, the statement added. “The father of these cubs was also born in this zoo eight years ago,” Superintendent SS Naikwade said.