Kerala’s Sivagiri to host virtual pilgrimage due to Covid-19

For the first time in the history of the Sivagiri Mutt situated in Varkala in Kerala, the 88th annual Sivagiri pilgrimage is taking place on a virtual platform due to the pandemic. Preparations for the pilgrimage have been completed at Sivagiri Math. The special feature of this pilgrimage is that one can take part in pilgrimage programs from any corner of the world.

The three-day annual pilgrimage, will however, be stretched into eight days this time starting December 25, Friday. The 88th edition of the pilgrimage would be celebrated fully in adherence with the Covid protocols and guidelines. Experts from various fields will speak in the virtual meet that will be telecast on Sivagiri TV, the official medium of Sivagiri Mutt in eight official languages. Conferences will be telecasted from today. Gurudeva gave permission for the Sivagiri pilgrimage in 1928 in front of the Kottayam Nagampadam temple and the first pilgrimage started on December 28, 1932 with five pilgrims arriving at Sivagiri in yellow robes from the Mooloor house in Elavumthitta. The number of pilgrims gradually increased to millions.

This time the pilgrimage had to be conducted virtually in the wake of the epidemic. Sree Narayana Gurudeva suggested that the pilgrims should be taught by experts on eight topics so that they can acquire knowledge and self-purification. Online conferences will take place for the next eight days. Dharmasangham Trust General Secretary Swami Sandrananda will give the welcome address.