US officially removed from WHO, Donald Trump accused China of supporting

US President Donald Trump has officially separated the US from the World Health Organization (WHO). US MP Bob Menendez gave this information by tweeting on Tuesday (July 7). He said, “Congress has received information from the President’s Office that the US has officially separated from the WHO amid the Corona epidemic.” He said that this decision to trump amid the epidemic would isolate America.

It is noteworthy that Trump had accused the WHO that the organization was completely under China’s control and that the US was breaking its ties with it. Trump also accused the WHO of not providing accurate information about the prevention of coronavirus.

US Withdraw from WHO
US Withdraw from WHO

Trump had in April stopped his aid funding to the WHO, stating that if the organization does not make any improvements within 30 days, the United States will forever withhold aid funding to the WHO. Subsequently, in May, Trump confirmed, however, that the US was withdrawing from the WHO, and that aid would be given to the organization for global health needs.

President Donald Trump said that China keeps the WHO under control despite giving $ 40 million a year, while the US grants about $ 450 million to the WHO a year. Trump also accused the WHO of failing to recognize the coronavirus and criticized China for supporting it.