World Radio Day 2021 : ‘New World, New Radio’

World Radio Day 2021

World Radio Day is globally celebrated on February 13. As the name suggests, the day is meant to promote and encourage people towards the usage of radio. Another important part of the day is to make more and more people aware of the history of radio.

This year, the theme of World Radio Day has been divided into three sub-themes namely, evolution, innovation, and connection. 2021 also marks the tenth anniversary of World Radio Day. In India, the day is being celebrated in partnership with Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART), and with support from All India Radio. They will all jointly organize an event which will last for two days on the theme ‘New World, New Radio’. The event will be held on February 13 and February 14. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, some of the sessions will be pre-recorded and will be released online on the day of the event. The significance of the day stems from how dynamic and versatile the medium is.

At a time, when the internet holds more precedence over the radio, it becomes all the more important to understand why and how its reach across all platforms has a global impact. Unfortunately, with the emergence of smartphones, computers, televisions, etc, people go to the internet to listen to their favorite music stations and podcasts. Hence, the radio is slowly being forgotten.