American politics in a new way, Donald Trump gives hints at defeat

American politics

There are indications that there may be some new developments in American politics this time. The world is watching the November 3 presidential election. It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will get a second term or whether the Democrats will come to power under Joe Biden. Joe Biden is one step ahead of the second phase of the campaign.

Both the Republican Party and Trump are concerned about this. Therefore, there is a talk that Trump may fail. But new information is different. If he loses, Trump will not be able to transfer power quickly. He is looking for new ways. Trump has indicated that a quick transfer of power will not be possible if he loses the presidential election. Trump was responding to a question from reporters at a news conference Wednesday. Trump is not satisfied with the current electoral process. This is what he said in response to the question.

Trump’s response was to see what happens. The postal voting system is being implemented in many states in the context of Corona. Trump has strongly opposed this. Trump has accused Democrats of plotting a coup. During the campaign, Trump often emphasized the issue of the postal vote. Trump says this practice should be avoided. In the context of the Corona, some changes were made this time in anticipation of the impediment to direct voter registration. Trump does not approve of this.