Balabhaskar’s death have been avoided? Allegations and investigation prior to postmortem report

Balabhaskar's death have been avoided Allegations and investigation prior to postmortem report
Balabhaskar's death have been avoided Allegations and investigation prior to postmortem report

There is a cause for every death, especially if it is an unnatural death, and the post-mortem is crucial in the search for the cause of death. Balabhaskar’s father KC Unni had earlier said that death could have been avoided if the facts in the post-mortem report had been substantiated. Then how did death happen? The findings of the post – mortem show that Balabhaskar’s death was due to someone’s fall and unilateral decisions regarding treatment.


What were those findings?

The police surgeon at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, Dr. Sreedharan, underlined that the cause of death was head and chest injuries. Postmortem by K Valsala and the report prepared by them. The first part of the report deals with the injuries that preceded death. According to Dr. Balabhaskar, 23 wounds were found on his body. K Valsala points out.

What are those wounds?

(23 wounds before death)

1) A 6.5×3.5 cm incision 12 cm above the base of the head above the scalp, and a 23×9.5×0.3 cm incision on both sides of the upper scalp.

2) Above the ear on the right side of the head
Crush to size 9x9x0.3 cm. Hemorrhage-like hemorrhage in the white matter of the brain (including the brain) and swelling of the brain.

3) The fifth vertebra in the neck was broken. The underlying spinal nerve was found to be soft and swollen. (Plate and screwed on the vertebrae).

4) A 5 cm long dry wound on the right side in front of the neck.

5) Slight rubbing on the back of the upper right hand.

6) Crush 10x9x0.5 cm in the right hand.

7) 25 cm long incision (stapled) on the outside of the right thigh.

8) 3 cm long incision (stapled) on the outside of the right thigh.

9) The right hip, right buttocks, outside the upper part of the right thigh were crushed 24x11x4 cm. The femur was fractured.

10) 4×1.5 cm long squat below the knee on the outside of the right calf.

11) Baby boots measuring 6×5 cm on right leg.

12) Fertilizer size 0.8×0.5 cm inside right calf.

13) Fertilizer size 0.8×0.1 cm inside right leg.

14) 7×1.5×0.5 cm crush on the back of the right foot.

15) Crush 23 cm above the left leg with a 5×5 cm joint on the front of the left leg.

16) 4×0.2 cm on the inside of the back of the left wrist.

17) The posterior side of the left wrist is 4.5x 2 cm above the wrist 10 cm.

18) Crush 4.5x2x0.5 cm on the back, 16 cm below the left elbow.

19) Injury of putting the tube to breathe in the middle below the neck.

20) Crush the right side of the chest with a 9x9x0.5 cm joint. 19 cm below the armpit.

21) 5 and 6 ribs are broken. The fracture is on the right in front.

22) Infant incisions above, below and in the middle of the left lung, the left lung was contracted. There was air inside the chest cage.

23) Anterior 8×7 cm skin bruise in the middle of the chest.

Can occur in an accident. However, health professionals say that these can be fatal or cause death if not treated on time or when treatment is not effective.
Here are some of the things that Balabhaskar’s father and relatives allege.

Balabhaskar Death
Balabhaskar Death

What are the allegations?

Balabhaskar’s father and relatives were probably the last to know about the accident. They were not informed of any of these matters in time. Balu’s relatives did not understand why Balu was rushed to a private hospital after talking to a doctor at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. The family believes that if the treatment had been started immediately, life could have been saved.

Dr. Faisal was on duty in the emergency department of the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College at the time. One thing is clear from his statement to the Crime Branch.

What was Dr. Faisal’s statement?

Dr. Faisal saw Balabhaskar on a trolley in front of the ortho section in the early hours of the morning on casualty duty. The doctor asked Balabhaskar what had happened.
The doctor also testified that no serious injuries were noticed.

These facts are the basis for the relatives’ allegation that the manager Prakash Thampi was not ready for any consultation as to which hospital he should be admitted to.

Even when he reached the private hospital, his relatives were severely neglected.
Attempts to evict the relatives from the hospital were unsuccessful, but others were able to exert more influence than the relatives in the ICU. Meanwhile, some were seen singing ‘Panappattu’ that there was a terrible feud between Balabhaskar and Lakshmi’s family.

Even those who come in with multiple injuries as many times as Balabhaskar suffered in the accident are returning home safely after treatment at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

My experience

I remember my closest relative being seriously injured in a car accident. He was
rushed to a private hospital in the city by police, where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Only my friend Biju Muraleedharan and I were in the hospital. He called the doctor number given by PK Raju of the CPI
and told him that he had to save his life somehow and signed some papers. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He was pronounced dead at a private hospital and regained consciousness 48 hours later.

In the case of relatives

Balabhaskar was supposed to start treatment by the time he was taken to the medical college. Or relatives could be consulted on where to seek treatment. KC Unni’s father’s allegation that both these incidents did not happen was not taken up by the Crime Branch.

If he had been treated in a medical college, he would not have been able to hijack everything he came up with, pretending to be a relative of those who came and went. The family could not be moved to tears by the likes and dislikes of the fans. Balabhaskar’s story did not turn out this way.