History repeats itself; First E. Ahmed and then KT. Jaleel too ‘

History repeats itself First E. Ahmed and then KT. Jaleel too '
History repeats itself First E. Ahmed and then KT. Jaleel too '

Repeats history first as E Ahmed and then as KT Jalil. Yes, history is always like that. First as Saritha, then as a Swapna. This is now familiar to any Malayalee. Many people do not understand that history repeats itself first as E Ahmed and then as KT Jalil. And so there are similarities, in history. Do you remember today when the state government welcomed two unwelcome Kuwaitis in Kerala as official guests and housed them at the Government Guest House in Thiruvananthapuram under the hospitality of the ministers?


Even the media can’t remember. This was the event that shook Kerala and India in 1986. They were received at the airport by then Industries Minister E Ahmed and Minister UA Beeran. They arrived on January 31, 1986. Sheikh al-Zayed Yusuf Saeed Has’PM al-Rifali and Anwar Yaqub al-Rifai were Kuwaitis.

The two visited Malappuram and other places for a week from January 31. They were accompanied by Muslim League MLA PK Kunhalikutty and UA Beeran. One only has to look at the “Zakat, the Qur’an and the C-apt lorry” of KT Jaleel’s unholy consulate relationship to see how this visit became controversial. The story came out after the Kuwaitis left India. Both were blacklisted by the Government of India. The controversy surrounding them was to prevent them from entering India. Those charged with treason. Both did not even have visas. But using the administrative influence at the airport, Minister E Ahmed went directly and managed everything.

Kerala was shaken when this information came out. The storm of protest arose. The ministers had arranged visas for them to stay in India for seven days first and then for seven days. The whole of Kerala took to the streets in protest. Police in riot gear stormed a rally in Kollam on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Three MLAs were hospitalized with injuries. The legislature was shaken.

Chief Minister K Karunakaran has announced a judicial inquiry. Kerala was thrown into the grip of a series of strikes. The legislature could not convene for weeks. Former Home Minister Vayalar Ravi said he had not seen the document declaring them unpopular. Minister E Ahmed explained that the document had not been seen by anyone other than the Chief Secretary. Four police officers have been suspended for admitting them to the airport.

In any case, readers should decide if there is any difference between the way the current Chief Minister handles the allegations against Jalil and the way the then Chief Minister handles the Kuwaiti issue.

Some people took off their hats that day. A judicial inquiry was held. This is a lesson for ministers. Jalil washed his hands as if nothing had happened despite committing such a heinous crime. At that time, the Chief Minister and the ministers did not say that it was a mistake. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Nayanar came to power.

For the first time since 1957, the Left came to power without the support of any Muslim party. Kerala witnessed a change of government through its controversial visit to Kuwait. Similarly, there is no opposition here to ask what is in the boxes brought by Minister Jalil from the UAE. And do not know how to ask.

No one knows under what rules, under what documents, under whose permission, how the goods were brought, or with whose permission they were transported in a government vehicle. There is no opposition in Kerala that is reluctant to ask that. Everything is fixed!

It should also be remembered that the present Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala was the Minister during the visit of the Kuwaitis. VM Sudheeran was the speaker.