Cruelty to the old mother; The mother was expelled, and the children fled the house after locking it.

Children’s cruelty to old mother. The mother was kicked out and the children locked the house and passed away. The incident took place last night at Thaikudam, Tripunithura. Sarojini, a native of Thaikudam, was kicked out by her children. The cruel approach of the children is despite the RTO order to bring Sarojini home. It is also alleged that no action is taken to bring the mother home despite filing a complaint with the police.

After noticing Sarojini lying on a mat in front of the house yesterday, the locals informed the police. Finally, the locals broke the lock of the gate and entered. Both the children were not ready to protect Sarojini. 8 days ago, the elder daughter kicked out Sarojini and locked the house. Sarojini stayed at a neighbor’s house for 8 days. Sarojini said that after being informed by the police, she came to pick up her younger daughter, but she is not coming with her and that it is enough to open the house. Finally Sarojani entered the house by breaking the lock.

After the death of her husband, Sarojini built two houses on 5 cents of land after she went to work as a sweeper. Sarojini’s mother said that she had given the houses to her two daughters with the assurance that she would be protected. They lived with their elder daughter. She rents out the house given to her younger daughter and lives in her husband’s house.