Argument between Minister R Bindu and VC in Kerala University Senate meeting

Thiruvananthapuram: Dramatic scenes at the Kerala University senate meeting to elect a representative to the search committee for the appointment of the vice-chancellor. During the meeting, there was an argument between Higher Education Minister R Bindu and Mohanan Kunnammal, who is in charge of the VC.

The reason for the dispute was that the minister moved a resolution not to appoint a representative to the search committee. The CPM is of the view that there is no need to suggest the name as the Bill passed by the Legislative Assembly to change the structure of the search committee is under the consideration of the President.

Normally the Minister of Education does not attend the meeting. When the minister said that the resolution was passed, there was a dispute. Opposition members asked how the resolution could be passed without discussion. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor also clarified that the resolution has not been passed. This led to an argument between the two.

The VC clarified that he was the one who called the meeting and presided over it. The VC said that the minister presided and read the agenda was not correct. Even though the minister said that the meeting was adjourned, the opposition members did not leave and protested. Meanwhile, the governor’s nominees suggested the name of MKC Nair. The opposition also proposed the name of former VC MC Dilip Kumar of Kaladi University. It is not clear whether this will be handed over to the VC Governor.