During take-off, the flight engine cover fell off, and the aircraft made an emergency landing

Washington: The engine cover of the Boeing plane fell off. The engine cover of the Boeing 737-800 of Southwest Airlines fell off. The accident occurred during take off. After the engine cover came off and hit the wing, the aircraft was brought back.

The plane was flying from Denver International Airport in Colorado, USA with 135 passengers and 6 crew members to Houston.

The flight was diverted due to an emergency situation. All passengers are safe. The aircraft climbed to 10,300 feet (3,140 m) before landing.

The video footage captured by the passengers has been released. In the video, the torn engine cover is seen flying in the wind while the plane is landing. Passengers told the media that the explosion of the engine cover initially sounded like a bomb. Some passengers, she said, shouted at crew members. There has been widespread criticism of Boeing’s frequent crashes.