Suresh Gopi is intervening for Kozhikode Abdur Rahim

Thrissur: Suresh Gopi is intervening for Kozhikode Malayalee Abdur Rahim, who has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. He conveyed the details to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Saudi ambassador. Suresh Gopi said that necessary intervention will be done to extend the sentence.

There are a lot of technical issues with the release. But it is expected that the release will be possible as the diplomatic relations between the two countries are getting stronger. The Saudi ruler has a good relationship with the Prime Minister. Sureshgopi said that there is a lot of hope for the Prime Minister’s intervention.

Only days are left for the release of Abdul Rahim, a native of Farook, Kozhikode. 34 crores is required for release. Abdul Rahim went to work as a driver in Riyadh 18 years ago. It was only after going there that I came to know that along with working as a driver, I have to take care of a 15-year-old differently-abled boy who lives with the help of machines after an accident.

Remembering the troubles at home, Rahim was ready to do the same. But once, while traveling with the child, the breathing apparatus attached to his neck was lost, and the child fainted and died.