Environmental bill should be withdrawn; The Youth League sent a quarter of a lakh mails to the Central Government

Muslim Youth League state president Syyed Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal and general secretary PK Feroz said that man has learned the lesson that development is not sustainable without considering land and environment.

Youth League activists have sent a quarter of a million emails to the central government calling for the withdrawal of EIA 2020, which violates existing forests, grasslands, wetlands, and biodiversity, corrupts corporates, impedes public freedom, and facilitates offenders. The Youth League expressed strong opposition to the amendments made during the Kovid period without discussion in the parliamentary committees and without consultation with the people. The draft notification should be frozen until it is discussed by the Parliamentary Environment Committee. People should be notified about this in all local languages. Leaders demanded that the case in the Supreme Court be withdrawn.

This EIA 2020 notification is being brought without adequate discussion in Parliament or among the people. The government only gave the public until June 30 to protest. Many organizations and individuals in India have called on the Central Government to extend the deadline, as even the post offices are not functioning properly during the Kovid epidemic. But Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar took a negative approach.

There were nationwide protests against the abolition of environmental laws on behalf of corporate companies without even giving people time to comment on the legislation of democracy. The central move was to publish it in the Gazette in English and Hindi only and to pass it briefly. The move was overturned by the Delhi High Court. The court extended the deadline to hear what people have to say against EIA 2020 until August 11.