Former MLA T Sarathchandra Prasad left the Congress

Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader T Saratchandra Prasad has resigned. Saratchandra Prasad said that he is resigning due to the constant neglect of the party. But Sarath Chandraprasad said that he had not resigned and had filed a complaint against the KPCC leadership.

Former MLA T.Saratchandra Prasad said. The explanation given by the leadership is that the resignation will not be accepted and the problem will be resolved. Many leaders are leaving the party, protesting against the neglect and wrong policies of the Congress. With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, the leadership is deeply concerned about the leaders leaving the party.

Currently, T Sarath Chandra Prasad is an executive member of KPCC and Chief Election Agent of Shashi Tharoor. After Padmaja Venugopal, many leaders have left the Congress and joined the BJP. In the meantime, the resignation of Sarath Chandraprasad, who is also a close follower of K Karunakaran, who is strangling the leadership. Sarath Chandra Prasad submitted his resignation letter to Congress Campaign Committee Chairman Ramesh Chennithala.

The resignation is in protest of not being given election duties. But Sarath Chandra Prasad’s explanation is that he did not submit his resignation and expressed criticism of the leadership. AICC member Thangamani Diwakarakaran also left the party and joined the BJP. She is currently a member of the state committee of the Mahila Congress and was the window secretary of the Mahila Congress.