Gold Smuggling at Karipur Airport: 6 Arrested, Including 4 Women

Kozhikode: Huge gold rush at Karipur airport. 4.82 kg of gold was also seized from the body and hidden in the underwear. Customs arrested six people, including four women.Gold worth Rs 3.48 crore was seized from Karipur Airport during the inspection conducted by Air Customs. A native of Malappuram Koorad and a native of Kozhikode Chompala who came from Jeddah were the first to be arrested. 1.19 kg of gold hidden in the body was recovered from them.

1.31 kg of gold was recovered from a woman from Kuttyadi Velam who came from Abu Dhabi. They brought gold by hiding it in their underwear.Three young women from Kozhikode who came from Sharjah were arrested later. They smuggled gold by hiding it in clothes and shoes. They are being interrogated by customs for more information about gold smuggling. The customs procedures were intensified after the police seized gold from the passengers who came out after the customs inspection.