Bangladesh MP Killed in Kolkata, 3 Arrested

Kolkata: The West Bengal Police said that the Bangladesh MP who went missing for treatment was killed. Anwarul Azim, an MP of Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League, died. He reached Kolkata for treatment on 12th of this month. He went missing after this. The Bangladesh Home Minister told the media that three people have been detained in Bangladesh in connection with the case

Police sources say that he was killed in a flat in Kolkata’s Newtown area. On May 18, the police started investigating the complaint that he was missing. The police also informed that the MP’s phone location was last found near the New Town area of ​​Kolkata. Although the arrested persons confessed to the crime, the MP’s body has not been found yet. The police forces of both the countries are jointly investigating the case.

After reaching Kolkata, he stayed at the house of MP friend Gopal Biswas. On May 3, he boarded a taxi from in front of Kolkata Public School in Bidan Park, telling a friend that he was going to see a doctor and would return in the evening. Later he informed Gopal that he was going to Delhi and that he would call after reaching there and that he did not need to call here.

Anwarul informed Gopal through a WhatsApp message that he had reached Delhi on May 15 and was with VIPs and there was no need to call him here. He also sent the same message to his personal assistant. On May 17th, when the MP’s family could not contact him, Gopal was informed. The family lodged a complaint with the Dhaka police on the same day.

During the investigation, a man in Bangladesh confessed to the police that he killed Anwarul Azim. The police officials of Kolkata were also informed. However, the MP’s body has not yet been found from Newtown. Police investigation into the incident is in progress.