Google launches largest-ever Doodle to celebrate Tokyo Olympics

With the Olympics officially opening in Tokyo on Friday, Google launched an interactive series of Olympics-themed minigames, based on the events there over the next two weeks. Google is launching “Champion Island,” their largest-ever Doodle game, letting you compete for one of four teams across seven different minigames and explore a fantastic world. The game will feature on the ‘Doodles’ on the main page of of the search engine.

The game presents a 16-bit adventure set within the game world of Champion Island. Created in partnership with STUDIO4°C, a respected Japanese animation studio, this latest Google Doodle lets you take on the role of Lucky the Ninja Cat as she finds herself on Champion Island as a festival is underway. You get started in the game by joining a team — Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green, the four colors of the “Google” logo — then venturing to one of the seven competition areas. Each competition is its own minigame that has you face off against each sport’s champions, as inspired by a relevant character or creature from Japanese history and folklore. Players can join one of four colour teams and play as Lucky the calico and compete in seven sport mini-games to defeat sport champions and obtain sacred scrolls. Players contribute to a real-time global leaderboard.