Multi-storey building in Dubai tilted to one side, hundreds of families including Malayalis were evacuated

Dubai: More than 100 families were evacuated after a high-rise tower in Muhaisina 4 in Dubai tipped to one side. Malayalis were evacuated. The incident happened on Friday night. No injuries or damage were reported. Residents of the building say they felt an earthquake-like tremor around 8:30 pm.

It was a building with 108 apartments. The police and civil defense team reached the spot on the basis of the report that the building was leaning to one side.

The occupants were then evacuated from the building and moved to a safer location. No accidents were reported in the incident. Officials are conducting inspections, he said. Tenants say the building’s basement was flooded during recent heavy rains in the UAE.

The authorities reached the spot and inspected the security of the building. The initial conclusion is that the building tilted as a result of heavy rain.