Govt directs social media firms to remove fake accounts within 24 hours of complaints

The government of India has mandated top social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to remove accounts with fake profile pictures of known personalities and businesses, and even the general user within 24 hours of being notified of the same by the user or someone on the user’s behalf. This comes as part of the new IT rules and social media giants will need to act immediately after receiving a complaint to this effect. This move is said to end the menace of impersonation on social media in India.

Obscene images along with salacious messages are sent through those profiles and sometimes these fake profiles end up hacking other people’s genuine profiles. Most impersonator accounts use a real picture or a morphed image and even carry content that is generally similar to the personality that they are targeting. The IT ministry’s diktat comes under the grievance redressal mechanism that has been prescribed for social media platforms, and makes it contingent on the firms to remove any content that is deemed offensive or inappropriate. The caricature of any famous personality/ Artist/ Influencers / Activist or any business account can be reported and will be taken down within 24 hours. These kinds of accounts can be used for any mischief or criminal purpose. Not only that but accounts that have morphed pictures will also be taken down. The new IT Rule is necessary for all those significant social media platforms that have over 50 lakh users.