High-powered steel bombs found in Kannur

Kannur: Steel bombs found again in Kannur. The bombs were found in an empty field in Koothuparamb. The police said that these are powerful.The incident happened near Kenetintavida Ampiladu road. During the inspection conducted by the Koothuparamba police, two bombs were recovered from the roadside field.

An elderly man named Velayudhan (80) was killed in a bomb blast in Thalassery Eranjali yesterday. The explosion happened when he came to collect coconuts in the field near the house. Unknowingly, the thing found in the field was a bomb, and when he opened it, it exploded. After this, the police had intensified the inspection in various parts of the district.

Koothuparamp, Thalassery, Mahi and Mattannur were mainly searched. The investigation was led by five bomb squads from Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod districts. Meanwhile, the bomb has now been found.