If provoked, retaliate strongly; India warns China over border clashes

BRICS Summit: PM Modi, Xi Jinping to come face to face today amid border tensions

India has issued a stern warning to China over the Ladakh border dispute. India has warned China that it will retaliate strongly in the event of further provocation. India has criticized China for violating the agreements reached between the two countries even after the Sixth Commander-in-Chief talks aimed at resolving the border conflict. In the aftermath of the Galvan conflict, India and China carried out large-scale military deployments on the border. The two countries have held talks at the military and government levels to withdraw troops from the border, but to no avail.

Five soldiers have been killed in a June 15 Indo-Chinese clash in the Ganwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. This is the first time since the incident that China has acknowledged this. China’s agreement comes after military and diplomatic talks between India and China last week in Moldova on the border. India loses 20 troops in a 15,000-foot clash in Himalayan foothills near Galvan River Beijing says China has lost five people, including a commanding officer.

But the Union Ministry of Defense says the damage to China is more than three times what they say. The conflict between India and India in the original Line of Control (LoC) escalated in 2017 following the conflict in the Doklam region. It has been worse since May this year.