Life Mission controversy: CM summons files; Requested files of Legal and Local Government Departments

Pinarayi vijayan

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has called for the files to be signed during the allegation that the MoU was signed with the Red Crescent without following due process in connection with the Life Mission project. The Chief Minister has requested the files from the Law Department and the Local Government Department.

Although the Life Mission is under the direct control of the Chief Minister, the Life Mission does not have a secretariat system and its files are handled by the Local Government Department. The draft MoU was reviewed by the Law Department. Based on this, the Chief Minister called the files from these two departments.

The MoU was signed with the Red Crescent in connection with the Life Mission project in Vadakancherry. The MoU was signed by Life Mission CEO UV Jose. The MoU was prepared by the Red Crescent. It was alleged that the MoU was signed by the Red Crescent in a hurry without following due process. Documents proving that were also released. In this situation, the Chief Minister called all the files related to this.