Medical Negligence in SK Hospital: Former Minister Shivakumar’s Hospital? No Handing Over of Body Without Bill Payment!, Family Protests Against Hospital Following Death of Patient Under Treatment

S K Hospital thiruvananthapuram

Akhil Mohan, who died after suffering a heart attack for 5.5 hours without receiving treatment, insisted that SK Hospital would not give him the body without paying the bill. Disclosures of the relatives of the death of a patient who suffered a heart attack in Thiruvananthapuram SK Hospital after treatment was denied. Karmanews responded to the incident. The relatives said that other channels gave the news only after the news came out.

Meanwhile, comments on social media that Thiruvananthapuram SK Hospital is a benami property of former UDF Health Minister VS Shivakumar. Many comments came under the Karma News article. Some also mentioned VS Shivakumar’s hospital. But this is not confirmed. The company name of the hospital and the details of the owners etc. have been hidden from the website.

After receiving a complaint from relatives about the death of a young man named Akhil, the management informed that the board meeting was called and the patient could be taken from here, but there was only a one percent chance. Akhil died within the time of receiving the medical report on the decision to transport.

The patient, who arrived at Velup at 1 am yesterday, waited for more than five hours without receiving treatment. Only an oxygen mask was put on. Junior cardiologist comes and looks at the report and says there is nothing wrong. When you are happy with it, suddenly the situation changes. When it got serious, we spent time in the hospital emergency department and cardio department undecided. The patient died soon after. But as the condition worsened, he was put on ventilator. An hour later, Senior Cardiologist Rajesh arrives and says that an angiogram is urgently needed.

Then after half an hour they say that there is no problem with the angiogram done. Later he does not agree to see his wife. On the insistence of his relatives, his wife died while seeing Akhil.It is because of the negligence of the medical colleges that common people rely on such cut-throat hospitals. That is why such death and dead bodies are bargained for. Despite all this happening, the health department of the state is showing a non-chalant attitude. No response yet. The relatives said that they received a fake report saying that it was Akhil’s medical report.