Monsoon Hair Care Tips: Hair falls fast due to these 5 mistakes in monsoon

With the arrival of monsoon, there is relief from the heat, but the monsoon brings with it many troubles. Skin and hair troubles also start due to daily rains. There are many people whose hair starts falling fast during the rainy season, there can be many reasons for hair fall in the rainy season. Let’s look at the reasons for hair fall – 

Do not wash your hair after getting wet.  If you are going out of any important work and get wet when there is rain on the way, then try to wash the hair with lukewarm water as soon as you get home, so that the sticky water of the rain comes out of the hair. At the same time, leave the hair open after getting wet. 

Combning wet hair  takes a long time to dry hair during the rainy season. At the same time, it sometimes happens that after the rain, there is some humid weather, in such a way, it is common to sweat hair. You should avoid combing the hair in such a situation, but never comb the wet hair. 

It is very important not to apply oil to the  hair, oiling the hair at least once a week, but during the monsoon days, the hair should be massaged with oil at least twice. The biggest reason for hair breakage is that many people avoid applying oil to hair. 

Applying Shampoo Everyday Shampoo cleans hair and makes it healthy and shiny but applying shampoo on hair daily can be overwhelming. Shampoo should not be done more than 2-3 times a week.

AC, used much cooler you should learn to feel something strange but it is true that children from coming into contact with AC, cooler lost its natural moisture so you do not sit much in front of the AC, cooler. The more natural way you keep your hair, the healthier your hair will be.