No action on sexual harassment; Women do Darna in the middle of the road in Madurai!

Soundarya Valli (age 35) hails from Parasakthi, Avanyapuram, Madurai. He is said to have been sexually harassed by some of his relatives. Soundarya Valli has lodged a complaint at the Avaniapuram police station. But the police there refused to buy the complaint and allegedly harassed Valli.

Thus the disgruntled beauty Valli was involved in a picket in the middle of the road for about half an hour near the Villapuram – Airport Main Road MMC Colony. Vehicles on both sides kept going, and he sat in the middle and raised slogans condemning the police. The Avanyapuram police who came to know about this tried to reconcile the Soundarya.

Soundarya Valli, who refused to accept it, insisted that the police who harassed me should come here. This was followed by a tussle between the police and them when they tried to arrest some of his relatives who were supporting the Soundarya. Police then forcibly loaded the beauty vines into an auto and regulated traffic.